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Bishop Michael J Coyner has led Indiana United Methodists for the last 12 years to a clear understanding of the urgency of “making disciples of Jesus Christ”. That means inviting new people to become disciples and helping those who have already received the grace of God to grow into deeper and more generous followers of Christ.

The goal of this campaign is to develop new and well-equipped Discipleship Centers in Indiana. There is urgent need to replace the 90-year-old auditorium at Epworth Forest Conference Center with new facilities designed for multi-use programming all year long. That is our primary goal.

If we could do more – our camp in south-central Indiana was built around a lake for meditation and recreation. It was built over aquifers that could not hold water over time. Modern technology now permits us to affordably build new lakes restoring the beautiful and peaceful waterfront setting where the presence of Christ can be felt at Camp Indicoso.

And if we could do more – we already have gifts toward a new lodge at Epworth in honor of Stan Buck; additional funds can add a third retreat facility.

And if we could do more – we could provide scholarships for families with financial need to attend camp.

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A Peek into our process


2015 Indiana Conference Supports Campaign Unanimously

The members of the 2015 Session of the Indiana Conference affirmed the campaign goal to raise $6 million to build Discipleship Center work for Epworth Forest with an additional goal of raising a total of $9 million to support our other ‘victory goals’


Private Campaign and Donor Cultivation Began

Longtime friends and supporters of Bishop Mike and camping ministry were engaged to help establish the foundation of the campaign’s funding


Campaign Launches Public Phase

Bishop Mike celebrated with clergy at the 2016 Our Life Together the campaign strides and enters into the public sharing of the Campaign.


August 7 Groundbreaking for the Discipleship Center at Epworth Forst


Fall 2017 Grand Opening Celebration of the new Discipleship

How you can get involved

Discipleship Centers have the ability to transform lives and build a brighter tomorrow for those who come to learn more about their faith as they explore God’s glory through the beauty of nature. If you or your church are interested in getting involved, please connect with us via the pathways below:

I want to give my children the best chance of following Christ throughout their life;
but, I can’t afford to give that to them.

Camp Scholarship Endowment